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I fell in love with the beauty of glass decades ago as a leaded glass craftsman.
But what really excited me as an artist was fusing glass – heating it to the consistency of taffy, combining new colors, making new shapes, experimenting with how colors emerge as the chemicals in the glass react to heat. I continue to feel something magical happening as glass goes through the fusing process.

In making my fused pieces, I use sheet, crushed and powdered glass. I arrange the glass to create an attractive design, then fire the glass multiple times, forming it into a unique piece of the desired quality and shape. I may sandblast the piece, giving it a matte finish similar to stone. Although with experience and training, one learns the ideal temperature settings for the kiln and best types of glass to use, the process is always somewhat unpredictable.

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Scultured Glass Bowl
Blue Tray
Yellow and Orange Tray
Plate 3
Bowl 1
Bowl 2
Bowl 3
Bowl 4
Bowl 6
Cracked Platter
Cracked Tray
Round Plate Cracked